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Characteristics of Charismatic Leaders

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Characteristics of Charismatic Leaders

The person who is a leader today was one day a follower too and this is how the transition takes place. The leaders are replaced by their followers one day and the chain is continuously moving on and on. Now the question arises that actually what does it take for one to become a successful leader? Is it merely attaining an office, position, or rank or is it beyond this limited thought? We can only see the situation after putting our feet into the shoes of those people who are facing the situation of suffering from someone in authority, who uses rank and position to command obedience. Too many people among us think of the leadership as merely attaining a higher office or position. Instead of relying on character, they rely on rank. In this article we are going to discuss about the real characteristics of leadership, the person who has got charisma in his character and how he used to lead others.

Following are the characteristics of charismatic leader and with the help of these characteristics you can easily distinguish among charismatic and transformational leaders.

1. Simplicity

The people with charisma are usually simple and modest and this is where they are successful and different to others. Although, they are charismatic by born, but they still portrays themselves being fairly simple. Simplicity is one highlighted characteristic of charismatic leader and if you deny this fact, then you can research on this statement on your own and you would surely find almost every charismatic leader having this quality within him/her.

2. Self Confident

Charismatic leaders are self confident. They have a strong belief over their decisions and moves. Although, they are very much participative but still, they are very much confident within inside over every step or initiative they take on their own.

3. Creative

Charismatic leaders are creative and most of the time, they think out of the box. They always tries something new yet creative. They always tries to make this skill of them come in to play and believe with this skill, majority of the charismatic leaders have done wonders for this world so far.

4. Risk Lovers

One more important characteristic of charismatic leaders is that, they romanticize risks or in other words, they are risk lovers. Having self confidence and strong belief within themselves, charismatic leaders always loves those situations where there is some sort of risk is involved. I am not against the fact that whenever they take risk, they are successful but still most of the times because of their strong self belief, they risk which they take normally pays off.

Above mentioned are some of the most highlighted characteristics of charismatic leaders. Having knowledge about such characteristics can surely help you a lot in distinguishing among charismatic and transformational leaders.

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