How to Apply Concealer

What kind of concealer to use for dark circles

We’ve all had days where we’ve woken up with blemishes and wish we could just hide under the duvet. But for those without the luxury of a duvet day, there’s concealer. This handy little make-up essential is a great way to hide the bits we don’t want anyone to see, and contribute to flawless looking skin. Concealer can be pretty easy to apply, but here we give you advice for the best way to use concealer.

• Although concealer can be applied at any stage of make-up, traditionally it follows a liquid foundation, and comes before powder foundation.

• When applying concealer you can use your fingers or a make-up sponge. While a make-up sponge is a good way to fill a large expanse of skin, with concealer it is often the case that the areas you are covering are quite small and at times fiddly. In these situations using your fingers may be the best decision. Fingers are warm, meaning that the concealer is easier to use and spread. Particularly if you use your third or fourth finger too, using your fingers can also mean that you are able to delicately apply the concealer. This will prevent you stretching or damage to your skin.

• To apply concealer, simply dab it onto your skin around the site of the blemish, and then using your fingers gently blend.

• It can be tempting to pile a lot of concealer onto blemishes in a bid to make them invisible. However, too much concealer can stand out like a sore thumb. Make sure you apply concealer in a room with plenty of natural light to ensure that you are covering your blemishes effectively. Also take care to blend the concealer effectively. This way your skin will be flawless.

• Try not to use too much concealer. Concealer is naturally oily, which may not help your blemishes in the long run. If in doubt, try using some powder foundation to help to hide the blemishes.

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