How to Apply Fake Tan

Fake tan is an amazing way to give yourself that sun kissed look. Fake tan can be used for all sorts of reasons, be that to feel more summery in the middle of winter, to make sure your tan is looking amazing for a big event, or is you don’t have time or opportunity to sunbathe. Fake tanning salons are a great way to get tanned, but they can sometimes be a little too pricey or inconvenient. Instead, self-tanning is pretty straight forward, and can give you just as good a look as a salon could. Here we describe the process of how to apply fake tan, and give you some hints and tips to make sure that your tan looks its best.

When choosing your fake tan colour, make sure it is a colour that will suit you. Anything too dark or orange may not look natural on you, particularly if you naturally have fair skin. Experimentation on a small area of your body, such as your wrist, can help you see what colour your fake tan will become on you. Once you have chosen your colour, exfoliate your body to help the tan to be applied smoothly. This can be done with a body scrub. After this, make sure that you dry your skin thoroughly to avoid streaks in the fake tan. Moisturise any areas of your body where the skin has the tendency to be a little tougher than other areas, such as your elbows.

When you apply the fake tan, most people tend to start at the bottom and work upwards. Apply the fake tan on your feet first, making gentle circular motions to ensure that it is completed blended in. Continue this way upwards with the rest of your body, although help may be needed when it comes to your back! The tougher areas of your body, such as your elbows, will need less fake tan.

When you have finished applying the fake tan, wash your hands immediately to prevent the tan from staining. This includes your palms, fingers and finger nails. This can be avoided by using gloves during the application process. Also wait for around half an hour for the fake tan to dry off. Do not put on any clothes in this time, as they will damage both the fake tan and the clothes. Also try and avoid sitting down, as fake tan can damage your upholstery. If you need to sit down, try and sit on something old, like old bed sheets.

Fake tan needs to be reapplied every few days to make sure it remains maintained.

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