How to Recycle Packaging Material

How to Recycle Packaging Material

You can see it everywhere right after a big party and also right after the Christmas season. Piles of paper, plastics, soft drink cans, and Styrofoam from popcorn can be found everywhere. People don’t realize the effect of these clutters. All of these clutters can clog the drainage and can cause huge floods that can take away people’s lives and properties.

Maybe, people don’t realize the effect of these clutters, but as years pass by this effect will suddenly hit people’s lives. It is important to prevent this natural disaster than to do rescue missions and rehabilitation. Recycling is one of the most effective preventive measures that everyone can participate, even kids. Here are several ideas on how you can recycle different kind of packaging materials.

• First people should realize the objective of this whole recycling process. One of the two important words that people should remember are reducing and reusing. It is important to reduce the use of products and materials that are non biodegradable. If the reduction of these non biodegradable substances is impossible, it is better to reuse it instead of putting it into the garbage and add it to billion tons of waste products in the world.

• People can start in their own home. Parents can involve their children in this kind of activity to open up their mind about this environmental issue. You can start by placing separate recycle bins in your house. One is for non biodegradable and the other one is for the biodegradable materials. You have to implement rules and regulations around the house to make sure that your kids will do their part. For little children, you can generate a game out of this recycling process. You can tell your kids that they can gain points by throwing their trash in the right way. These points can be converted into gifts or anything that is valuable to them.

• Other large packaging plastics can be reused again by storing other fragile things. Little boxes can be converted into something useful by making it as a jewelry box. You can put all your valuable things inside. Teenagers like the idea of having a jewelry box. You can encourage your teenage children to make a jewelry box out of these small boxes.

• Plastic packages coming from chips and other plastic containers can be converted in to useful pouch bags by cutting them into strips and weave them just like the bags out of different fibers. You can apply these steps on the strips of plastic weaving a piece of fiber strand. You can search the internet for the steps on how to create bags out of the fiber strands.

• Styrofoam can be made as Christmas decoration for the next season. You can buy glitters and paints in order to make it attractive and colorful.

By doing all of the above ideas on how to recycle packages maybe within the next two to three years plastic waste will be reduce up to 50%, if all of the people will do their part.

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