Make-Up Brushes

Make-Up Brushes

Make-up brushes are the tools that all make-up artists use every day. There are times when using your fingers to apply make-up is required, but for the main make-up brushes make the best tools. Quite a few forms of make-up come with brushes in the set, such as eye shadow and powder foundation. However it often pays to invest in your own set of brushes, just to ensure that you have everything you will need to complete the perfect make-over. The quality of brushes varies widely, and it may take you a while to find a set of brushes that suit you. To help you know what to buy, here we present our list of the brushes you are more likely to need.

Your eyes are perhaps the part of your face which require the most brushes to apply different sorts of make-up. Many eye shadows come with brushes as part of the set, and it is always possible to use these brushes to apply the eye shadow. If, however, you find that you need different sorts of brushes for different areas of your eyes, there are several that you can use. The Contour Brush is used by make-up artists to shade the eyelid up to the crease, while the Mid-Tone Brush is used to shade the crease itself. The Highlight Brush is used to apply eye shadow to the brow bone, and also the eyelid. These three brushes can seem a little overwhelming, but when applying several types of shadow to give a smoky style, these brushes can make all the difference.

When using eyeliner, there is a high chance that the liner itself will come with a suitable brush. If it does not, or you would prefer a different brush, Eyeliner Brushes are sold by most make-up stockists. Finally, as well as brushes, you may find that your eyes will require combs. Several sorts of combs are available, including eyelash combs and brow combs. Eyelash combs are great to avoid clumps of mascara and good separation of all your lashes. Brow combs, on the other hand, helps to shape your brows and blend in eyebrow pencil for a more natural look.

When it comes to applying foundation, there are several brushes that you can use. When applying liquid foundation, a lot of make-up artists like to use a Cosmetic Sponge, as this will allow you to apply a lot of foundation to a large surface area quickly. Foundation Brushes are also a good way to ensure that your foundation base is blended and spread well. Concealer brushes are a great way to ensure that blemishes are covered if you would prefer not to use your finger. Finally, loose powder can be applied with a powder brush. Although a cosmetic sponge can also be used to apply powder, they tend to soak up the product. A powder brush, by contrast, gives a more evenly spread result, and absorbs less of your powder.

When it comes to blusher, the Blush Brush is a brush that most people will tend to recognise. This domed brush not only applies the blush, but helps to blend it at the edges. A must when applying blusher. If you are applying bronzer, a similar brush, the Bronzer Brush, is available, and looks similar to the Blush Brush.

Finally, when applying lipstick it is common to apply straight from the tube itself. However, some make-up artists prefer to use lip brushes as part of the application process. These brushes provide a little more precision than the lipstick tube itself.

Altogether, these brushes encompass the most common make-up products you will use. However, various types of each brush, and indeed, other brushes are available. The best advice is to take time to research what brushes are available to you, and what you would prefer to use. That way you will really be able to maximise the use of your make-up brushes.

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