Understanding Prenatal Tests

Childbirth is an ancient human practice, but one the most important changes happen in the prenatal testing field. Now, we have the chance to know important facts about our child before the delivery.

Quick Tips on Controlling Nicotine, Caffeine and Alcohol Intake

Call it an urge, a craving, an impulse – whatever. You ingest many substances based on temptation. Your body gives a signal if it needs or wants something and your task is to satisfy it. The entire process may not involve your conscious mind!

Common Approaches to Yoga

Since Yoga arrived to the Western society from its Indian sub-continent in the 19th century, so many things have changed.

Cognitive Abilities on Children With Bipolar Disorder

Cognition is often considered as a fundamental set of learning skills and necessary for maintaining attention, focusing on and remembering a topic, processing and responding to information, and organizing thoughts.

Understanding Adoption Scams

Most of the people who arrange adoption programs are good, sincere, honest, hardworking individuals whose first goal is to help kids to be placed in good homes and with happy families.