Why You Should Avoid Unproven Treatments for Autistic Children?

At this moment, no autism treatment can achieve all the above characteristics simultaneously and even the most promising one can still fall short from being perfect. In addition, prolonged intensive treatment with unexplored basis may leave autistic children with additional, unintended impairments. Unfortunately, many parents are eager to find quick, effective treatments for their autistic children, as the result they are relatively more vulnerable into trying unproven therapies.

Three Energetic Healing Methods

Reiki is an ancient form of healing method. Reiki healers use palm of their hands to channel ki (life force energy) to the client. Hands are placed on specific areas for about three minutes. A Reiki practitioner is often guided by intuition when he is looking for areas to heal.

Proper Sitting Postures

Poor posture can be like a cast. When people have broken leg or arm, it is put in a cast, after awhile they will feel pain on their muscles. However, in a few weeks they’ll get used to the new position. After our bone is completely healed and the cast comes off, our muscles tend to become accustomed to the static position and resist movements.

How to Accept Your Anxiety Peacefully?

It’s in the middle of the night and you car is stuck on a slippery, muddy road. You gun the accelerator aggressively, the wheels spin harder, but the ruts get deeper. It is analogous to anxiety, the harder we want to break free, the grip seems to get tighter.

Hormone Replacement Therapy After Hysterectomy and Ovariectomy

After making an informed decision, a HRT (hormone replacement therapy) can be a wonderful asset for your well-being. Women at early forties experience hormonal change as their fertility starts to wane, especially if you had pelvic surgery. If it happens to you, hormonal therapies are an option worth considering.

Effective Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes on Elderly

Doctors face more challenges when treating Type 1 Diabetes on elderly than in younger people. For example, it is more difficult to make sure they use a correct dose of insulin, have them do enough exercise and keep them on a proper diet.

Consequences of Obesity on Children

Obesity is now a worldwide epidemic and it also affects children. In United States alone, on average 25% children are overweight and 5% of them are obese. Children from minority races are more likely to have weight problems and these statistics are really alarming. Many modern changes in society contribute to this epidemic.

A Few Things You Should Know About Clinical Trials

A newly developed medication has a long journey to go before it can be acknowledged by the medical society. It starts as a rough idea and ends up in a pharmacy near your home. New medication is researched in a lab, tested on animals and then given on human in clinical trials.

A Few Things You Should Know About Acupuncture

Before the first session, the acupuncturist may ask you to describe your overall health condition and symptoms, before proceeding with establishing a diagnosis. During an interview, you should clearly give information on emotional state, sleep patterns, toilet habits and taste preferences.