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Five Phases of In-Vitro Fertilization

March 12, 2011 0

IVF or in-vitro fertilization was first performed in 1978 in UK, resulting in the birth of a healthy baby boy, since then more than one million babies have been born using this technique. Over the years, IVF is improved and increasingly able to deal with more serious infertility problems, many of which were once thought untreatable.

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Things That May Cause Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

February 21, 2011 0

Given that unintended pregnancy is quite common, mothers should understand all the underlying predisposing factors. Moreover, those who have more than two consecutive unplanned abortions should benefit from a complete evaluation to determine possible risks and to find out what treatments are necessary to prevent recurrent loss.

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Deciding Whether Husbands Should Be in the Delivery Room

February 11, 2011 0

It may seem hard to believe, but men, including husbands and doctors, were once unwanted or even considered as an intruder in delivery room. Before 1960’s, it was very rare for husbands to watch the delivery process directly.

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Stages of Baby Prematurity

February 10, 2011 0

One thing is predictable about kids; they are unpredictable! Those little babies may prove this fact right off the bat; some of them unexpectedly arrive weeks before the due date.

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Understanding Prenatal Tests

January 27, 2011 0

Childbirth is an ancient human practice, but one the most important changes happen in the prenatal testing field. Now, we have the chance to know important facts about our child before the delivery.