Hyperextended knees: Causes, symptoms and treatment

Hyperextended knees

What does it mean to have a hyperextended knee? Hyperextended knees are a common sports injury. It is when the extended knees go beyond the maximum level of straight causing your knee to go backward. It is of varying severity from mild to severe. Most mild cases may be less painful and lasts only for… Continue Reading

A Few Things You Should Know About Clinical Trials

A newly developed medication has a long journey to go before it can be acknowledged by the medical society. It starts as a rough idea and ends up in a pharmacy near your home. New medication is researched in a lab, tested on animals and then given on human in clinical trials.

Kite Flying Around the World

Like any other flying object, kites can inspire a child’s imagination, a society’s beliefs, and a community’s religion.

Kite Festivals

Mankind usually celebrates the things he loves or is fond of doing through festivals. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that the kite, a well-favored toy all over the globe, is celebrated in numerous kite festivals around the world.

History of Kites

Kite flying is an activity that is appreciated by both the young and old. Of course, childhood memories often include a parent and child building a kite together and testing out their creation in the field.

Types of Kites

Kites are an ever-fascinating toy for children, but did you know that even adults find lots of enjoyment by making kite-flying a hobby? A newbie kite flyer might be more concerned with making the kite and finding the means to fly it, but the professional kite-flyer is preoccupied with the more technical aspects of kite flying.

Kite Designs and Materials

The flying part is not the only enjoyable thing when playing with kites. Making them is also a very enjoyable process.

Problem on Androids Update Delivery Method

Apple’s COO (chief operating officer) Tim Cook has recently stepped in for Steve Jobs and offered his own argument on Android tablets, by calling them as “bizarre” scaled-up smartphones.

Motorola Milestone 2 Review

Mobile market around the world is getting heated up with many devices using Android OS. LG, Sony Ericsson, HTC and Samsung release devices that rival smartphones of strong players in this segment, such as Apple and Nokia.

iPad 2 Rumors Wrap Up

Apple executive may be reluctant in disclosing about iPad 2, but eventually they will have to release more information to the public.