How to Remove Make-Up

Removing your make-up at night is essential, even if you are tired or in a rush. Make-up left on overnight can cause you skin to be unable to breathe, in turn causing blemishes or break outs. Eye make-up left on can cause irritations the next morning too. Removing your make-up, on the other hand, ensures that you are giving your skin the best chance to recover and breathe while you sleep.

When you remove make-up from your eyes and eye area, you should take care to be gentle. Your eyes are delicate, and some make-up removers can lead to feelings of irritation. Special make-up removers for eyes can be used to combat this, as can baby oil. When using the remover, dab the remover on your eye area, using cotton wool or your fingers, and then rinse the area well with warm water. Use gentle movements to avoid pulling at the skin around your eyes too much. Take care to pay attention to detail; make sure all mascara has been removed from your eyelashes, and all traces of eye shadow have gone.

For the rest of your face, any cleanser or facial wipes that claim to remove make-up should do the trick. Pay attention, and make sure that you have removed all the make-up; using a mirror in a well lit room is a good way to do this. Another safety net is to use the make-up remover before washing your face, this wash will doubly ensure that the make-up is gone. Be gentle with your towel when drying your face, and pat dry to make sure you don’t pull your skin too much.

For those with a lot of make-up to remove, or a keen eye for detail, a good way to help the cleaning process is to steam your face over a bowl of hot water. This helps to dislodge the make-up. Washing your face after the cleaning process with cold water will help to close the pores. Finally, as make-up can be harsh on skin, give a little goodness back by massaging moisturiser into your skin. This will help your skin to recover over night and be ready for the next day.

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