Natural Allergy Relief – Ways to Control Allergies Without Medication

Only someone who is suffering or has a problem of suffering from various allergies at certain occasions knows how miserable and rotten it makes you feel upon arrival. Once you get attacked you rush to a chemist to get any kind of medication in order to find relief that is of course for a temporary period of time. With time passing, people are gaining more and more awareness and becoming a little bit too concerned about these medications. This is because mainly of one thing, side effects. Several people taking allergy medication have experienced awful drowsiness that can be really dangerous at times. This is why more people are running towards finding natural allergy relief and ways to control allergies without using drug based medications.

I assume you are one of such people as well and this is why you are reading this article with such concentration. The following information would be really helpful and finding relief from allergies naturally so hang on. I would say that allergic reactions can be fought back if only you can find out what is triggering them. Once you know the resource that makes the allergy to occur, just avoid all types of contact with such thing. Many people are allergic to certain foods, it is easy to find out what is allergic and avoid it but what about people who are allergic to dust mites? They are almost everywhere. Let’s equip you with a few ways to how you can combat these allergy reactions and minimize the risk of having these embarrassing attacks.

Start with monitoring the weather at all times and when you see the pollen count is high then avoid going outdoors. Similarly when the pollen count is high, keep your windows shut and prevent going in areas having open grass such as gardens, parks, fields, etc. You can also prevent pollen from making eye-contact with you by wearing close fitting sunglasses. Several times pollen gets clinged to your clothes and hair, wash them good and on regular basis. You can also replace your rugs and carpets with tiled floors or hardwood so dust does not gets collected up. Also, you can get a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter and use a dust cloth that is wet while dusting. Get some protective covers for box springs , pillows, mattresses, etc to prevent dust mites. If your home has a central temperature control then keep the humidity controlled at a level lower then fifty percent. If you are having pets then limit to where all they roam around in the house and avoid them getting into your living room and bedroom at all time.

Start using beauty products and cosmetics that are fragrance-free. Begin to read food labels very carefully and stay away from foods that trigger your allergy. Lastly just avoid smoking or being around smokers.

Carry on with eating a well-balanced and healthy diet since it keeps your immune system boosted and ready to fight from such allergies and other associative problems as well.

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