Shaping Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows have a large impact on your overall appearance, even though you may not spend any time making them up. How to shape eyebrows varies widely from person to person; some prefer larger eyebrows, others prefer thinner eyebrows. Some go for widely arched eyebrows while others will have comparatively straight eyebrows. Some may even not shape their eyebrows at all, and stick with their own natural style. If, however, you are interested in shaping your eyebrows, here we offer you some tips about styling and how to go about shaping.

• Importantly, before getting started on shaping your eyebrows, remember that your eyebrow style will depend on the natural shape of your eyebrows. It may be hard to straighten eyebrows with a large arch, for example. However, there are ways to lessen this arch if preferable.

• Your eyebrow begins roughly over the inner corner of your eye. An arch can be roughly planned by using the following tip; take a ruler from the tip of your nose and through the pupil of the eye. Where the ruler passes through the eyebrow is where the arch can go. However, with many eyebrows there is already a natural arch that you can work with.

• Trimming your eyebrows can make a big difference to their overall appearance. As time passes the individual eyebrow hairs can grow, leaving the eyebrows appearing bulkier than they may necessarily be. This can be down by combing through the eyebrows and checking whether any hairs extend beyond the natural line of your eyebrows. Once you have trimmed, you will be able to see more clearly any further shaping that you need to do.

• When removing hairs, it can at times be hard to keep track of the hairs you need to remove. One way to avoid this problem is to put concealer on top of the hairs to be removed. This way you can plan carefully, and see what you eyebrows will look like once the hair has been removed. Try not to dive straight into the perfect shape; first remove any stray hairs, and work inwards.

• The natural shape of the eyebrow tends to come from the top of the eyebrow. As a result, try not to remove any hairs from the top, instead just remove any stray hairs you may have.

• Warming your skin before you start to shape your eyebrows can help. At times, removing the hairs can be painful, especially initially. Warming the skin can help to open the pores a little more. On the other hand, sprays that will numb the area can also be purchased.

• If you choose to use tweezers to shape your eyebrows, make sure they are able to grip the hairs well. When using tweezers, pulling the skin taunt will decrease the amount of pulling on your skin removing the hairs will cause. This in turn will cause you to be in less pain.

• If, on the other hand, you would prefer not to tweeze your eyebrows, there are other methods that you can use. One of these is to wax your eyebrows. This can be done at most salons, but kits are often sold. The effects of waxing will last between a month and a month and a half. It is worth bearing in mind that wax can at times be very hot when used, potentially burning the skin. Wax can also cause fine lines and wrinkles to appear if used regularly, due to damage to the delicate skin of the eye.

• Threading, another commonly used form of eyebrow shaping, is achieved by twisting two threads together and using this to pull the hair. Not only does threading cause less damage to the skin than waxing, it also is cheaper when going to a salon. However, the effects of threading last about half the time of waxing.

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