Which Liposuction Techniques Should I Consider?

There are numerous techniques to get rid all of those unwanted fats in your body. One of which is the liposuction, but liposuction has also several techniques that you can choose from. There are techniques that might work for other people, but will not work for you. Wherever you want your liposuction procedure be done, the most important thing is to know more about the different techniques first before deciding what is the best for you.

Here are several liposuction techniques that you can take a look at to be able to find one that suits you:

• Tumescent techniques – This method is one of the most popular means to get rid of fat most especially for women. This technique has gained popularity because of its unprecedented safety and it has an effective result after. A local anesthesia with epinephrine has been injected to the patient. This kind of anesthesia is a vasoconstrictor. It is injected to a specific part where you want your fat to be dissolved. The procedure uses a micro cannula, there are also smaller versions of these cannulas that most surgeons use. It is more often used than the bigger ones because the bigger ones can produce some skin irregularities and scars after the procedure. This process according to most doctors is safe.

• Dry and wet techniques – This kind of technique was previously used for getting rid of fats, but today it is no longer considered as a safe technique. However, a super wet technique is still used today. In this technique local anesthesia is also used but it is just half of the anesthesia that is being used in the tumescent technique. As a result, the patient still needs to be put under a general anesthesia. This technique has the highest risk among all the procedures because there is a great loss of blood during the procedure.

• Laser assisted lypolysis – If you want to do some minor changes in your body, this is the most appropriate procedure for you. This technique requires a minimal invasive procedure making it the safest technique of all. It is the same as the tumescent technique that uses micro cannulas and tumescent fluid. In this procedure the micro cannula is being inserted beneath the skin surface. The heat coming from the laser energy will melt down the fat within the subcutaneous tissue. This procedure can make the area look tighter and slimmer. The great thing about this procedure is that there are no visible loose skins unlike with other treatments. It has a quick recovery period and can be done at the surgeon’s office. This procedure is best for working women who need to get back to their work as soon as possible.

All of these techniques are readily available, but you have to make sure that the surgeon that will do the entire process is a licensed surgeon. Luckily, there are lots of treatments nowadays that promise to take away unwanted fats easily without any pain at all.

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