After a Panic Attack – What Should You Do?

Panic attack can be experienced without any warning. They just tend to happen when you are least expecting them to occur. Symptoms of a panic attack are trembling body, racing heart and decreased ability to breathe. This experience is very terrifying for the one who is experiencing it. The main thing is the after affects of a panic attack. We even have to determine the affects of a panic attack on our mind and body and if there are any practices available to help bodies return to its normal form.

When this kind of an attack takes place the mind is in total shock and the mind is racing with the thought that this attack might happen again. At this stage the mind is totally confused. The mind is unaware of what just happened. We may at that time feel that we cannot help our selves. The mind will be thinking of escaping to a place where we can feel safe. These are all the things that our mind thinks when this attack happens.

Not only is the mind, the body even adversely affected. The body feels very exhausted, it feels as if we have trained or have done excessive exercise and we are out of breath. The longer the panic attack has lasted, the longer our body is exhausted and we feel tired. At this very moment we feel physically and mentally very tired and we need energy to regain our normal conscience.

One way to return to the normality stage, we need to relax our selves. Relaxing can be of great help to our mind and body because this attacks utilizes the entire energy in these two body parts. At this very moment we want to be left alone, this is good to recover your self. You need to sit calmly and practice calm breathing which will help us regain our normality.

Other than our mind and body in complete shock, the thought that this attack may happen again makes us vulnerable. We start thinking that we will never visit that area or we will never do those things which we were doing at before the attack. This is a very normal thing to happen but the bad thing is that our mind is completely shifted to the point that we want to avoid this attack taking place again.

One should pay proper attention to such an event. This event disturbs the entire smooth running of our body and mind so to become mentally and physically fit we should take notice of this event. The best way to fight this attack is therapy; it is the most effective way to solve the problems created by panic attacks.

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