What Makes a Good Website?

These days every company should have a website, and most will go to a third party to design this site for them. But how do you know what you want? How do you know if the designers have done a good job? Here are some things that make a good website:

Easy navigation: If none of your visitors can find the pages they’re looking for then they will be likely to become quickly frustrated and leave your website (however it is an old trick to ‘hide’ the links to free downloads etc in order to get visitors to search the site for them).

Interactive: A good website is interactive and gives the user the option to watch videos, listen to music, post comments etc. This way they will spend longer on the site and find it more engaging rather than a page of dull text.

Fully operational: A dead link can quickly make your site look unprofessional or unfinished and this is likely to reflect badly on your company. Make sure everything is working before you allow the site to go live.

Catchy URL: Your URL should be easy to remember and relevant to encourage visitors to come back to your site and to make it easier to advertise.

Good programming and design: Today a website should use CSS for its design. ‘Frames’ are outmoded as they are search engine un-friendly, and anything else will look old fashioned. By using an expert service you should get a website that looks professional and modern.

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