What Is Search Engine Marketing?

Search engine marketing, also known as search engine optimisation (or SEO), is a particular type of internet marketing that aims to use search engines to bring more visitors to their website and so their business. This works by ensuring that when people type in relevant search terms and queries, the website that is being marketed will be one of those that comes up.

This can be achieved in two ways. Either through the aforementioned search engine optimisation, or through Google Adwords. Google Adwords is a form of ‘PPC’ or ‘Pay Per Click’ advertising which means that the advertiser (you) only pays when someone actually clicks on the advert. You then choose a ‘keyword’ or ‘keyphrase’ for your advert to be associated with, so that when someone searched ‘restaurants in Canada’ then your advert will come up as a ‘sponsored result’ above the ‘normal’ results thereby getting to the top of the listings.

A bonus of this means that you don’t need any large up front investment, and you can set a limit for how much you are willing to pay a day (so that your avert stops showing that day after that limit has been reached), get direct feedback on the success of your adds, direct only targeted customers to your site, not pay for unsuccessful advertising campaigns, and control tightly the amount of customers you direct to your pages.

The other method is search engine optimisation and this takes a bit more work but is a better investment overall. Here the objective is to get your website to list in the top of the ‘normal’ results for that search query, and to do that you need to try and work with Google’s algorithms (which determine which sites come up in a search). These tend to work through several mechanisms; by looking at the content on that page (the text itself), the nature and number of inbound links (the more high-profile relevant links you have coming in to your website the more important and popular Google will view your website as being for that topic), the title, headers and meta tags on your pages, the amount of unique content on your site and the regularity with which that content seems to change.

Therefore in hiring a search engine marketing service you will likely be hiring someone to write a regular blog or articles for your site that lace your ‘keyword’ or ‘keyphrase’ into the text, to optimise your pages with meta tags and headings and file names, to submit your articles into link directories, to swap your link with other relevant sites, and to write articles for other sites that include a link to your page. Through all these methods they can make sure that your website is the number one result for you chosen keyword or keyphrase which will generate more traffic for your website, and so more business for your company, than any expensive marketing campaign could. As such every big business today should look into search engine marketing to increase the success and the value of their company.

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