Choosing Your E-Mail Address

E-Mail is a highly useful means of contact which most of us, and particularly businesses that make full use of the ability to send messages of any length completely freely (once the internet connection has been paid for).

As such it will be used by you in a large number of scenarios and particularly in professional capacities. That means that you will be telling lots of important people your e-mail address and that they will use this to make some assumptions about the kind of person you are. At the same time you will be using it regularly and would benefit from having a very good e-mail system that is easy to use and effective in what it does. Take time and effort then in choosing your e-mail address, and if you’re not happy with it don’t hesitate to change – it will be a big hassle but the sooner you do it the less hassle it will actually be. Here are some pointers when choosing your e-mail.

Avoid names that are too ‘colourful’: Unlike a phone number you can pick your own handle when using e-mail. This means you can pick any name you like as long as it’s not taken on that service and this is both a pro and a con. As children we are all likely to have made very colourful e-mail addresses such as ‘’ or ‘’. Amusing though this may have been at the time it will be highly embarrassing when giving out to potential partners and might even cost you a job in an interview. If you absolutely must call yourself ‘princeofpandasforever’ or need to make everyone aware of your love for Keira Knightley via e-mail, then at least have a secondary address with something a bit more professional.

Make sure your e-mail is easy to remember: If you do use your e-mail for business then you will want people to message you to find out more about your service. As such it needs to be something they can easily recall. Thus it’s important to avoid long numbers like Harry1230123 which will be a nightmare to even write down. Try for something a little more unique like Harry-Smithson2 which will be easier to remember.

Choose your service: Picking a service says a lot about you. As a rule hotmail is used by younger people who use MSN a lot, while AOL is the favourite for those who don’t know that much about computers. Googlemail is generally regarded with more respect, but better yet is your own domain which would mean you can be ‘’ or can include your business name e.g. ‘Editor@AirsoftTech.Com’. This will look far more professional and all businesses should do this to try and look more like a legitimate company. For individuals it is optional but will reflect on you well.

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