Swine Flu Treatments – Natural Methods

Recently every once in a while we hear about swine flu cases and deaths occurring due to this dreadful disease. Because of being highly contagious people are busy looking for all kinds of prevention methods and treatments for swine flu. Today the majority of chemical medicines have some kind of side effects attached to them and this is why people seem to go for natural methods to cure their disease and same goes with the case of swine flu as well. The oldest natural method to cure such diseases is ayurveda, though there is nothing related to swine flu stated in this treatment but similar diseases can be cured through it. It has helped people stay away or cure swine flu so let’s see how ayurveda really works.

When we talk about ayurveda treatment, then the flu symptoms are like body ache, fever, throat soreness, debility and feeling very cold, now all these are totally similar to the symptoms of H1N1 virus swine flu. Researchers say that a low and weak immune system acts like a treat for this disease weakening the body’s mechanism that is responsible to fight off such disease attacks. Ayurveda treatment includes a few herbs in it that are highly capable of boosting one’s immune system that in return fights the outside microorganisms causing swine flu or such diseases.

There are various herbs that help avoid swine flu and also are a part of ayurveda treatment. Herbs such as elderberry extract, pepper and ginger have proved to be really effective. Echinacea and triphala are a couple of herbs that are consumed in the end once the body’s immune system is fully boosted in order to kill any left over swine flu partners and its symptoms.

Echinacea is considered to be a very vital herb and it is also a major part of ayurveda treatment. It is said that this herb is strong enough to kill any kind of flu and is being used as a natural antibiotic. Your body resistance is highly improved along with the blood getting purified that in return helps prevent you from disease like swine flu. Zinc oxide and vitamin C are a couple of other things you need to intake normally and regularly in order to keep your body healthy and strong from the inside.

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