How to Eat to Increase Your Testosterone Levels

Drop in testosterone levels can have dreadful effect on one’s health. Testosterone helps men maintain their sex drive, bone density and muscle strength. Today, it’s a proven fact that men start losing testosterone by 10% every decade after the age of 30. As such, our body is able to produce testosterone on its own. Certain foods can promote the growth of testosterone. On the other hand, some foods can hamper testosterone production, which is why one needs to pay heed to what they eat and how they eat in order to increase their testosterone level. Below are a few pointers that should give you some valuable information on how to eat to increase one’s testosterone level.

First and foremost, you should avoid feeding your body with heavy meals. Instead of having 3 heavy meals, consider have 5-6 smaller meals in a day. This will regulate the natural process of hormone production without being harsh on your body. One might be surprised to know that the most important nutrient required to increase one’s testosterone level is fat. Fat has a great role to play when it comes to regulating the hormone production in our body. However, not all kinds of fat are good for our body. One should only consume essential fatty acids derived from fish, peanuts, avocados etc. Oils such as flax seed, canola and olive can also help a great deal over here. Besides this, one is advised to eat protein rich foods because our daily calorie intake should comprise of 15% protein.

Apart from this, one should make sure that they supply their body with at least 8 hours of sleep on daily basis. This is a must to allow the body to recover from the daily wear and tear and to feel rejuvenated. Only when the mind and body feels fresh, it will contribute towards effective increment of your testosterone levels. One can consider good herbal tea that promotes sleep before plunging into the bed. One should also avoid the consumption of unwanted beverages such as alcohol. For alcohol addicts, moderate alcohol consumption may sound like a fair deal, but one shouldn’t go overboard over here. Studies reveal that alcohol consumption can adversely affect the growth of testosterone levels in our body.

While what and how you eat is extremely important, it’s equally important for one to pay heed to other factors such as maintaining an active lifestyle, curbing stress and so on. Your best bet would be to train regularly for at least half an hour. It’s perfectly okay if you train for 3-5 days in a week. Your body needs rest as well so there is no point in overtraining oneself. Exercise and good diet can hugely influence the testosterone level in your body in a positive way. As they say, it’s always great to resort to natural measures when it comes to health and wellness. Goes without saying, nothing beats good diet and exercise on this front!

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