How to Make a High Protein Breakfast

Usually, people don’t pay much attention to what they eat for breakfast and many of us are not even aware of the fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Most of us tend to just grab a bite and a cup of tea or coffee for breakfast. But if you are seriously concerned about your health then you should have a filling breakfast that has nutrients and is mainly comprised of proteins. The advantage of having a high protein breakfast is the best way in which your body can be provided by proteins throughout the day.

The proteins are broken down easily by the body into amino acids that are required by the body to repair the tissues and the cells and it also keeps the organs hydrated. Proteins have a very important role in building the muscles in our body. Some of the high protein breakfasts include:


These are the best source of proteins. The albumin (white part) contains high amounts of proteins whereas the yolk contains healthy saturated fats and HDL cholesterol, which is good for the body. The proteins and saturated fats boost the digestive and respiratory system. You can dish up an omelet with skimmed milks, lots of vegetables and top it up with low fat butter or cheese.


One of the best ways in which you can start your day is having cereals. These are perfect combination of fibers, grains and proteins. Cereals are quite satisfying and the fiber and milk help the digestive system as they provide moisture and roughage. It is also one of the most convenient breakfast recipes that you can make.

Protein Shake

Popular as smoothies, the protein shakes can be prepared by a combination of fruits, nuts and milk. It is one of the best drink in which you can provide your body with proteins and is a favorite among athletes and body builders. These protein shakes are advantageous for digestion and can also maintain the right moisture level in the body cells. They also help in burning fats and maintain a good body metabolism.

Whole Grain Bread

Having whole wheat bread gives a great combination of carbohydrates, proteins and dietary fibers.


You can start you day with a bowl of oatmeal. Oatmeal contains high dietary fiber, carbohydrates and high amounts of proteins.

Some of the other high protein sources that can be included in breakfast include fruit juices like orange juice, grapefruit juice, and the like. Juices contain large amounts of fibers, proteins and vitamins and also it taste good. Milk also forms a high source of protein and is a great way to start your day. Many people have the habit of beginning their day with tea or coffee; however it is advisable not to have these as they can lead to constipation, thus start your day with an energy packed and high protein breakfast that will make you active throughout the day.

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