How to Prevent Getting Malaria?

Malaria is caused by the bite of mosquitoes hosting the parasites responsible for malaria. When a mosquito bites, the parasites are transferred from mosquito into the blood. They are capable of multiplying at a rapid rate and feed on the red blood cells making the person very weak. If malaria is neglected without having proper treatment, it may lead to the death of the person. Here are some measures that help to prevent getting malaria.

As malaria is caused due to mosquito bite, care should be taken to protect you from mosquito bite. So, how to avoid mosquitoes? It is very simple, just follow these tips:

Use mosquito nets while sleeping. Cover the entire bed with a mosquito net.

There are certain creams that can be applied to the body. They act as mosquito repellents protecting you from the bite.

Mosquito coils spread the vapor throughout the room and drive away mosquitoes.

Cover the body to the maximum possible extent. Consider wearing light colored pants and full sleeved shirts at night time.

Keep the doors and windows wide open during the day time. Fresh air and the warmth of sunlight drive away mosquitoes hiding in dark places.

Close the doors and window before sunset.

Keep the entire house clean without clogged water in bathrooms.

Do not hang too many of used clothes in the house. Arrange them properly in cupboards. Used clothes have the smell of sweat that attracts mosquitoes.

During the evening, you can evenly spray the entire room with a mosquito repellent. However, make sure that they are not harmful and it doesn’t contain more than 35 percent of a chemical called DEET.

If you are planning to travel to a country with increased incidence of malaria, then it is highly recommended to take prophylactic medicines to prevent the disease. These medicines should be taken at least about a week before the trip and should be continued throughout the trip and about one to four weeks after the trip. It is highly essential to continue the medicine even after the trip as there is a great chance of presence of parasites after the trip. Continuing the medicines eliminates the parasites completely out of the blood. Though you take prophylactic medicines, it is essential to follow the tips given above.

Mefloquine is the most commonly used prophylactic medicine against malaria. However, consult your physician before using any medicine. Purchase drugs from only licensed stores. Pregnant and nursing should be even more careful and should not use any of the malarial drugs without consulting your doctor.

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