How to Take Good Care of Your Fingernails

Taking good care of fingernails goes beyond clipping and painting them. The normal care for fingernails is known as manicure and it is not necessary that you get a manicure done by a professional. The basic care for fingernails can be easily done at home.

Cutting the Nails

Usually people own a set of clippers for cutting down the fingernails, but clipping is not good for the health of the nails. You can use soft and flexible emery boards for sharpening and shortening the nails. The metal clippers and filers cause damage to the nails. Biting the nails is also not good; it is unhygienic and also causes harm to the nails.

Maintaining Good Fingernails

There are also many professionals who believe that polish is good for protecting fingernails whereas some believe that polish causes the nails to crack, peel and break. When using a polish, it is advisable that you should use a clear base and also a clear topcoat or a sealer. If your fingernails are prone to peeling, then it is better that you remove the polish. Make sure that you do not use a nail polish remover very often because it dries the fingernails and makes them prone to splitting.

The best way to maintain good fingernails is to wash and moisturize them at regular intervals. You should wash your hands with soap and make sure that you clean the tip of your fingernails. You can also use a small nailbrush or a manicure stick. If there are stains on your fingernails then use mild bleach mixed in water, and scrub the nails gently. Moisturize the nails by applying a moisturizing lotion that you can use on your hands. You should also moisturize the cuticles and make sure that you drink a lot of water.

Healthy Diet

The best way in which you can take good care of your fingernails is by maintaining a healthy body. Increase the intake of fruits and vegetables and make sure that the food that you eat has a good content of calcium and silicon. You can prefer to drink milk and eat carrots and fish that will supplement these requirements. You can also take dietary supplements like vitamin E and oils that will keep the nails healthy and strong. Exercising on a regular basis will also increase the blood flow to the nails and provide them with the required nutrients.

Wear Gloves

When using cleaning products like dishwashing soaps and detergents it is advisable that you wear gloves, so that the nails are protected from dirt and chemicals.

Having a well-balanced and planned diet and maintaining the right hygiene will give you those good looking and strong nails. Fingernails form an important part of the body as they protect the tips of the fingers and also help us in picking small objects. So clean and moisturize your nails regularly and eat healthy foods.

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