Is the Bumbo Baby Chair Safe for Your Baby?

The Bumbo Baby Chair is marketed as a revolutionary product that can offer your child a great sense of comfort and independence. It’s often looked up as an excellent product that can help your baby sit in an upfront position semi-independently. Basically, it’s designed not just for comfort and safety, but also to encourage right body posture. Other benefits include portability, ease of muscle movement and excellent cushioning. Your child will be able to witness all the action happening around him/her without being held by you.

Today, more than a million pieces of Bumbo Baby Chairs have been sold in the market. You will easily find one in most of the American homes. While so much is being talked about the product, can we really afford to trust this chair, considering the fact that the safety of the child is often the prime concern amongst most parents out there? Think about this, can you leave your baby sitting on this chair unattended and be able to do your regular household work?

The fact that there are so many happy faces singing praises about the effectiveness and comfort of the Bumbo Baby Chair doesn’t take away the gruesome picture that there are a few grumbling faces as well. As much as 28 cases were reported to the Consumer Product Safety Commission with regard to the accidents that took place while using this chair. Most of these cases were serious head injuries experienced due to fallout from the chair. While these numbers are certainly low in comparison to the sales that Bumbo Baby Chair has been generating over the years, but can we afford to take this risk? Goes without saying, there is a fair possibility that we might be on the receiving end as well.

Responding to the complaints, the Bumbo officials came out with the verdict that their chairs are extremely safe, provided proper supervision is not taken for granted. The company claimed that although it had received complaints of babies getting out of their seat, it is yet to encounter a case of seat tipping on a flat surface. Nevertheless, these statements do prove a point that you can’t really give yourself some rest, assuming that your child is safe on the chair.

That being said, incorporating a few precautionary measures can help you make the most of the Bumbo Baby Chair, thereby ensuring that your baby is safe and happy in the Bumbo seat. One of the primary instructions that one is supposed to follow is that they should never use the chair on a raised surface. Remember, the Bumbo Chair does not restrict the child to the chair, so it’s not uncommon to find babies trying to get out of it, thereby increasing the chances of fallout. The baby should always be in your view to avoid such unwanted fatalities.

It’s recommended that one makes use of Bumbo Baby Chair only once the baby is able to support his/her head without any external help. Most people commit the mistake of using the Bumbo Baby Seat as car seat or bath seat. One should remember that Bumbo Chair is not formulated for these purposes. It’s advisable that you don’t try to get creative as your baby’s health is at stake.

It’s hugely recommended that one lays their hands on a high chair that comes with adjustable shoulder straps and safety belt, thereby ensuring that your baby is confined to the chair, even if you happen to leave him/her alone for a while. That being said; never leave your baby unattended!

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