How Husbands Should Deal With Their Wives Pregnancy Symptoms?

Early pregnancy can be miserable – for both of you. Although wives bear the brunt of misery, the first 90 days of pregnancy may have some unwelcome consequences into husbands’ life as well.

Helping your wife cope with early pregnancy symptoms

Early pregnancy often cause intense fatigue and the irresistible urge to take a nap, nausea, vomiting, food aversions, food cravings, and a excessive need to urinate. To complicate matters, hormonal changes lead to pendulum-like mood swings, from euphoria to crying almost before your wife knows what’s wrong. Understanding the symptoms beforehand helps you keep your composure when everything seems to crumble to pieces. These are things you should do to help your wife through the first trimester of pregnancy:

• Let your wife get enough rest. Although seeing her take two long naps each day won’t be fun. In the meantime try to get things done at house or read everything about parenting.

• Help her. Shoulder some, if not most, of her chores for the time being, especially those that make her uneasy, such as cooking, cleaning toilets, dishing out the pet food, and garbage patrol. Remember that handling cats is strictly forbidden for pregnant women and that should be your job, too.

• Live with her limitations. Perhaps you both went out to eat a couple of times a week and just looking at restaurants makes her sick. Don’t worry. By the second trimester she will have a huge appetite.

• Don’t take emotional outbursts too seriously. Of course, disregarding those verbal assaults is difficult when they’re directed at you and all your failings, but just listen to her, accept the truth, and ignore the rest. Improve yourself and fix any shortcomings.

• Satisfy all of her cravings. Some pregnant women crave for ice cream and pickles and if your partner does, try to get some for her. Don’t say anything when you see her devour those foods without even breathing. By satisfying her cravings, you’ll help in preventing emotional disturbances.

• Plan frequent pit stops when driving. Many men don’t like to stop too often when driving but you need to realize that pregnant women can have a strong urge to urinate every fifteen minutes; your wife isn’t making up an excuse to buy some snacks when she demands you to stop at the next gas station. Besides, blood volume increases when a woman is pregnant, blood clots may form if she moves too little. Let her stretch her legs at least every few hours.

New habits

Sometimes, you just stare at your wife and wonder what had happened with her. The soft-tempered damsel you once knew turns into someone whose head has snakes as hairs, and a person who used to be energetic all day long hardly able to enter the house and immediately collapse on the bed after work. You understand that pregnancy is a life-changing experience, but simply don’t expect that things can change this much and very early.

Hang in there: These are only temporary crisis. After her body can adjust to the hormonal changes, many of the distressing symptoms will decrease or even disappear, and your original spouse will return to you. In the meantime, a few of her new habits can have an impact on your life in a big way, try to find ways to solve or at least, cope with them.


Although your wife is the one vomiting, occasionally you feel disturbed with her constant regurgitation. Many people can’t deal with the sight of vomit, especially if it is someone else’s. Husbands with sensitive stomach, may immediately have the same reflex upon hearing and seeing their wives vomit. Try to be supportive even if your egg and bacon is difficult to swallow. Try these tips if the smell, sounds, and sight of vomiting trouble you:

• Dab your nostrils with something that smells good. This really helps a lot. Peppermint oil may help you through some difficult moments. Nose plugs are also effective, if your wife agrees. She probably doesn’t need a sick husband too, so she probably also be okay with your request to plug your nostrils.

• Lower the temperature. People have less urge to vomit when the ambient temperature is lower, turn on the fan to improve the air circulation. This may prevent your wife from continuously vomiting, too.

• Stay away from trigger foods. Don’t bring those foods inside your house, in spite of your intense craving.

Controlling weight gain

Weight gain won’t happen during those disgorgement weeks, when the period ends, your wife may start devouring everything on the table. If she once hates pepperoni-and-cheese pizzas, your wife may now be ordering them by the cartload. This will be bad for her attractive waist, for sure, but it may be bad for your wife and the baby too, since women who gain too much weight may have undesired complications.

Do your best to put a hold on this madness. It would be useless to remind her how difficult it is to lose weight later; discuss this situation with your doctor and let your wife hear about consequences of excessive weight gain on your child. Don’t act like a diet police; no one will respond well to forceful commands. If your advices for healthier diet plan won’t unglue her from the junk food aisle, set an example by eating healthy foods in front of her. Of course, she is eating for two, but it doesn’t mean she should eat meals that would satiate ten starving truck drivers. And, all kidding aside, each unnecessary pound will complicate her life down the road.

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