Exercising, Biking and Jogging With Your Child


Being a parent is an amazing experience that is wrought with fatigue, frustration, happiness and joy. Undoubtedly, parenting is a two-person job. Given this fact, establishing understanding and mutual support are essential. A good way to help achieve your parenting goals is by participating in a regular exercise together. You may be thinking, “But who will take care of my child”? If visiting a health club isn’t logistically possible, there is still hope.

If you agree to allocate a room on your home for a gym, you may buy some cardiovascular exercise equipments. It is a good idea to put those equipments near the nursery, to allow you respond faster when your child cries. If your child is more than three years, you can train together in the same treadmill. Start with the lowest speed setting that is equal to normal walk and increase it steadily to a pace that is both safe and comfortable.

It you prefer a gym than training alone at home, choose a gym that also offers baby-sitting service. Even so, they may not accept children younger than two years old, unless the gym offers class for both mother and babies. However, if gym in your area doesn’t have a baby-sitting facility, you can perform exercise in turn with your husband. If a gym has child-care facility for infants, you should meet the sitter and check the facility first. Look at how she interacts with infants. It is important to trust your instinct about a person. If you believe that she is competent, let your baby feels familiar with the infant, otherwise, you may need to continuously running back and forth between the child-care facility and the exercise area. While this could be a good exercise, it is definitely not satisfying.

A good way for parents and child to bond is by spending some quality time together, including during an exercise. This will help parents to build physical and mental health – an immeasurable benefit to all involved. Of course, you need to modify your exercise methods, because you can’t expect your child to perform an intense physical activity. However, in most cases walking briskly on the park together, is a good exercise for everyone in the family.


Many women are physically active before a pregnancy. Of course, they need to do something to allow them to stay active after giving birth. Avid cyclists may make their children as a training partner by putting them on a trailer. The extra load can also help mother to get fit faster. There are two types of baby seats, front and rear mount. If you want to keep your child behind your bike at ground level, a trailer should be a good choice.

Baby seats are attached to either the front of the bike or at the back, which is the most common. Although the front seat type is relatively safer, the back seat is more comfortable. The front mounts won’t affect balance and stability; and allow you to communicate with your child more easily. If you choose the rear mount, make sure you child’s hands are away from the rotating rear wheel. Try to not climb steeply, as the shift of weight can impair the balance of your bike. These seats can support up to 40 pounds of weight or children at eight months of age. You should check the specs for detailed information. A good baby seat should include adjustable footrest, armrest, padded seat and harness on shoulder and lap. No matter which type of seat you buy, you need to start slowly and carefully. Let your child and yourself get used to the idea, in fact you may need to begin by putting the child on the seat for awhile with the bike remains stationary. Start steadily and see how your child reacts when the bike moves slowly. Although, manufacturers claim that these seats are safe for children under one year old, you should consult your pediatrician. Your primary concern should be to allow your child have proper neck and head control.

Baby trailers can be considered as strollers that are dragged by your bicycle. These are things to consider when you are cycling with a precious cargo behind you.

Make sure lap and shoulder harnesses are firmly secured.

Choose areas where it is safe to bike.

Put a safe distance to the cyclist in front of you. The extra load means that the braking distance will increase.

Be careful when taking turns, as sharp turn at high speed can flip the trailer over.

Practice using the trailer with heavy books or other items that have equal weight with your baby.

Trailers are not for babies under one year old.

Make sure your child wears a hard shell helmet that is both durable and comfortable.


As many big city dwellers can tell you, using baby joggers is very popular. They allow you to run comfortably, in fact some female runners can pass men while pushing their toddlers. Baby joggers are essentially idiot proof and there are a few things to consider if you want to use them. Although some manufacturers try to assure you that infants as young as 2 month can be safely put on a jogger, in most cases the minimum age should be six months. Weight limitation depends on the model and you shouldn’t exceed the limit, as it can cause instability and damages during use.

These are four tips on choosing a good baby jogger:

1. It should be foldable

2. It should have height adjustment

3. It should have enough safety features, such as harnesses and strong roll bars

4. Manufacturers should offer lifetime warranty

5. It should be relatively stable even during sharp maneuvers

Some people enjoy running off road instead of on the pavement. Generally speaking, joggers with larger wheels is more useful for off-road jogging, however, you should avoid rough terrain as it can be too bumpy for your child. A standard jogger has 12” wheels, which are suitable for pavements and other firm and flat surfaces. 16” wheels are suitable for surfaces with small gravels, sand and snow, while 20” should be used for any serious off-road runner. Wider wheel can offer more stability and improve handling on softer surfaces. Textured wheels can also improve grip on unpaved paths.

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