Nine Signs of a Stressed Out Employee

Maybe you are not thinking that you are really all that stressed out, or at least not like most people when they get home from work. But sometimes when people feel so bad for a long period of time, they do not even realize that they have a stressful life. This skewed perspective is true for many highly stressed people. If you forget what a typical normal feels like, is it possible to regain an understanding of a stress-free life? By reading the following list carefully you may determine whether you have a chronic stressful life as an employee.

1. I often scold at the behavior of other people each time I drive. They drive like total idiots. If you love spending more time driving to ridicule at behaviors of others, and to yell and scream at them, you probably have a stress problem. Essentially, you tend to be aggressive on someone who can’t strike back. Often the real problem is the level of your background stress that leads you to attack others who cannot retaliate.

2. Almost every morning, I am worried if I will be able to do everything right. If your first thought after waking up in the morning is to worry about whether you can finish those challenging tasks ahead, you are bound to have an intense stress level. Everybody has worries, but you should take a moment to relax, lunch break should be a good time.

3. I believe everyone is pushing me too hard that I almost feel being torn apart. You may feel that your colleagues want too many things from you, your spouse require other things, and your big boss wants something else. You feel like your chest is about to burst and that’s stress. You may think you have done too much in your working environment. When you almost finish a demanding task, your boss does not want you to relax and he loads you up with more work. It can be deeply infuriating! If you feel too busy for such a long time and the boss is intolerable, try to take a deep breath and close your eyes for one minute. This is the simplest form of relaxation technique, do it when you feel your stress level is completely intolerable. It can also help you manage your anger.

4. Members of my family do not care about my daily problems and never offer any assistance. If you do not believe that your family can show care and give support, you may have some stress issues. Regardless of whether you are right about your family or not, you need to adapt yourself to the reality. If you love your family, show them that you really care about them, even if they won’t do the same. A family that is built upon care for others can often go a long way in reducing stress. Even so, for some people, a loving family can become stress-inducing — for example, if you are worried that your child or spouse is doing too much already and you think that you can’t repay them enough for their kindness.

5. As I get home, I go straight to those bottles or get a six-pack from the refrigerator. If you feel completely overwhelmed by daily pressures at work and tend to drink at the slightest provocation, then you need to worry about your stress level. Most people think that drinking is the answer to stress problems, but if you are physically or emotionally dependent on alcohol, it is not. Work on making yourself relaxed, using various techniques. And get help for your alcohol addiction problem.

6. On the scale of one to ten, my life is definitely a minus ten. This is a silly, you can’t classify your life as a negative number. However, if you tend to nod your head when reading this, you may have too much pressure in your life.

7. I do not remember when I had a nice non-business dinner with my family and friends. Doing things just for excitement is a common way of making our life happier. If you do not remember the last night you had a relaxing non-business dinner with someone you love, went to a picnic, or just doing something fun, you may have too much stress. Do not have time for fun? You should be able to find a few hours in your tight schedule.

8. I have an average five hours of sleep each night. Sleep problems are an important factor for stressed out employees. If you don’t have enough sleep each night, you should work on this problem immediately. A good sleep can help you relax and reduce or eliminate your stress symptoms.

9. Sometimes I have fear that my boss will fire me today. Or sometimes I’m afraid he won’t and I will be stuck with this job forever. If you continuously feel that you’ll be fired soon, you are feeling stress. It is possible that you are suffering depression and anxiety. If you really hate what you are doing right now, is it not the right time to simply look for another? Feeling stuck in a job can greatly escalate your stress level.


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