Weight Training Equipments Buying Guide

Buying dumbbells

For beginners, dumbbells are often better choices, because they are more versatile and practical than barbells. So, in most cases, you can save barbells for the next shopping spree. It doesn’t matter much if you buy dumbbells at specialty shop, department store, sporting goods store or even garage sale as long as you can find a good quality product. Those with ample budgets can go to the specialty shop to get the best collection possible. If you look for bargains, many stores offer used weight training equipments. Often, used equipments are as good as new ones. If you prefer online shopping, check for the shipping costs because delivering heavy items can be many people think that they only need to invest on a pair of 10-lbs weights and they can use them for all exercises. However, for a proper weight training program, you should buy at least eight pairs. If it seems overwhelming, you can buy the lightest four pairs and buy the other four pairs as you become stronger. Common women shouldn’t buy dumbbells that weigh more than 20 pounds. Because women use very light dumbbells, it is a good idea to choose those with narrows handles. It means, to get 8 pounds weight, you can hold 3-pound weight and 5-pound weight at the same time. If you want to save some money or space, the adjustable dumbbell kit is a good choice. It consists of a couple of short bars, dozens of round plates and some collars for clamping. However, changing weights can be inconvenient and on some lower quality brands, the plates may rattle around. Changing weights can waste precious minutes between sessions and you may be tempted to use similar weigh for several different exercise after awhile.

When shopping for dumbbells, these are a few inventive models that could suit you needs:

• Smart Locks: These are a good improvement over common adjustable dumbbells. Smart locks are short bars that have spring loaded collars, which make it very easy to add or subtract weights. Collars can lock weights very tightly, which prevent them from sliding off or rattling around. A set of smart locks can cost you about $200.

• Plate mates: They are huge magnets that stick on dumbbells. Each pair can cost you between $20 and $30, depending on the weight. With plate mates, you can save a good deal money, because you can adjust weight more easily. For example, by sticking a pair of 2.5-lbs plate mates you can turn a 3 pounder into 5.5-pound dumbbell. Plate mates bond quite well to the metal weights and removing them only require a quick twist.

• Power blocks: They are adjustable, clever but look a little weird. Each block has a number of rectangular frame, with the smaller frame nests inside the larger one. Along the outside frame, you’ll find holes that can be used to insert two-headed pins, to adjust the amount of weight. It is a better solution, because the usual method of clamping new plates is slower than pinning frames. A set of power block can cost you approximately $600, to give you up to two 90 pounders, while product that only go up to 30-lbs, cost about $300 a pair. Power blocks don’t require too much space and you can easily put them on a corner.

Figuring the cost

So, how much money you need to spend? The answer depends on the quality of the weights. The average costs of dumbbells are between $300 to $600 for men and $150 to $300 for women, depending on where you buy them. Hex heads (hexagonal dumbbells) are usually more affordable and they won’t roll around easily. Plastic-coated dumbbells are even cheaper, but the may rip over time, so when you press the overhead, some sand grains may fall on your eyes and mouth. Chrome dumbbells with contoured handles are the premium items, they can’t be scratched easily and you can see reflections on them. You’ll find these dumbbells at in ritzier gyms and health clubs.

Storing your equipment

If you have 8 pairs of dumbbells, you need rack to store them, so you can keep your home tidy and your kids won’t step over them. If you’re concerned with back injury due to constant bend over to lift dumbbells off the floor, it is a good idea to choose a wall-mounted rack. A standard rack may cost you between $200 to $300; while three-tiered chrome rack costs you about $800.

Buying barbells

Unless you’re a millionaire, buying a whole array of barbells can be both very costly and space consuming. For most people, it is better to buy an empty bar and weights with clips. For home gyms, bars that weight less than 45 pounds are more adequate, while heavier bars are only found in health clubs.

Figuring the cost

Barbells and dumbbells cost about the same per pound. However, in many places you can find barbells as low as a couple of nickels per pound. You should also buy collars that can keep the plates form sliding off. The collars cost $25 a pair.

Storing your equipment

It is recommended to buy a barbell rack. Horizontal racks cost between $300 to $700, however vertical racks are less costly at about $150 and usually take up less space. Unfortunately, you may find it a little awkward to place your bars on a vertical rack. Plates should be placed on the weight tree, which has several rungs. There are many types of weight tree, and you can buy them for less than $200.

Buying a bench

Bench is suitable if you have reserved an ample space for a home gym. Many amateurs choose adjustable incline benches, which can be adjusted from a horizontal position to the vertical. Make sure the backrest pins are durable; and the incline mechanism is easy to manipulate and secure. The decline feature is rarely used, so it is not a high priority. When shopping for a bench, you need to inspect it, adjust it, drag it around, lie on it and sit on it. Good bench should be covered with Naugahyde, a leather-like material.

Figuring the cost

Most flat benches cost between $100 and $500, more expensive models usually have extra-thick padding and stronger frame. Adjustable benches are usually about $100 more expensive than the flat types.

Storing your equipment

Most benches can’t be stored well, however, some benches can fold up and they won’t fit in the closet. This is the reason why you should have a special area for home gym. If your place is already full with weights, skip the bench.

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