Herbal Remedies for Three Common Joints Problems


Arthritis is basically joints inflammation, which is a complication of many diseases, such as gout, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, infections and tuberculosis. Symptoms of arthritis are joints pain and stiffness; fortunately you can use herbs to deal with the core problem. Herbalists believe that arthritis is directly caused by the lack of mineral or simply poor mineral absorption due to digestion problems.

The alfalfa is often the first herb people use to treat arthritis. It was used by Arabs for the first time and due to its benefits, alfalfa is considered as the Father of All Foods. The plant is rich in many organic minerals, because its roots penetrate deep into the Earth and absorbs many minerals. The dosage taken depends on the degree of your mineral malnourishment, it is advisable to start with the suggested dose and start your way up if you see almost no improvement. It won’t do you any harm if you take too much alfalfa and it is proven to neutralize uric-acid (which is present on high amount on arthritis sufferers). Additionally, alfalfa may prevent accumulation in our veins, clean up cells, encourage the production of digestion enzymes, cure decayed tooth and relieve inflammation and pain. Obviously, alfalfa can directly help to improve your arthritis symptoms.

Liquid chlorophyll can be made from alfalfa leaves, which help to maintain calcium in your bones. Other than alfalfa, you can also use a combination of sarsaparilla, slipper elm, burdock, white willow, valerian, capsicum, yarrow, catnip, black cohosh, celery seed, horsetail, yucca, hydrangea and bromelain. You should also take supplements that can help your digestion process, for example enzymes and B6 supplements.

For people with arthritis, these are complementary treatments to consider:

Pure birch essential oil application on the affected joints can help ease pain and increase blood supply.

Okra, parsley, celery and raw carrots are all sodium-rich foods that can help correct or relieve arthritis.

You should look for ways to recover joints flexibility. Reflexology can help arthritic hands and feet by stimulating lymphatic movements. Lymphatic flow can also be restored with proper massage. Both methods can be somewhat painful at first, but can eventually bring long-term positive effects.


Gout occurs when you have uric acid accumulation in the joints and bloodstream, which can cause damages to both kidneys and joints. Other common symptoms are toe inflammation and the stone kidney formation. Uric acid deposits can also happen in the ears and skin. Safflower, a plant native to Iran and India is a yellowish-orange lowers that is historically proven to be able to cure pancreatic, kidney and digestive problems. It has the ability to eliminate and neutralize uric acid, the herb can be taken as pills to help in eliminating both cholesterol and uric acid from the blood. Safflower is rich in sodium and potassium, which are important to regulate water balance in our body. However, safflower alone is not enough, you should also use chamomile, dandelion, uya ursi, parsley and juniper berries. If your diet is not consisted of 80 percent whole, raw foods, you should take food enzyme supplements to aid your body in breaking down foods, especially protein-rich foods. People with gouts should take less prote
in-rich foods, such as beans and meats and more fruits and veggies. Ginger in your dish can also help to stimulate digestion. In chemistry, you can actually neutralize an acid with another acid. For example, you can remove uric acid with sodium-rich foods, including parsley, strawberries and celery. Another excellent food supplement is goat’s whey, which can help in eliminating acid buildups inside the body.

European Bilberry can also help you, unlike its American counterpart, it is particularly rich in anthocyanin, which can help to heal inflammation and eliminate gout pain. You may also take grape seed extract, which is proven to lower uric acid level in your bloodstream. Turmeric encourages cortisone production, a substance that is used by doctors to reduce pain and swelling due to gout attacks. Nettle root has been used for centuries by Europeans to cure gout, usually it is taken as infusion tea, which can help reduce hyper-uricemia and flush kidneys from excess uric acid.

Joint Injuries

If you enjoy running, climbing, dancing and vigorous sports, you have a risk of getting joint injuries due to falls. Healthy joints can keep you active, and when you’re injured, it can be both frustrating and restricting. People with mobility problems are anxious to get well again, so they can do things that they like. Unfortunately, joint injuries can be a recurring problem, so it is necessary to have a deeper understanding on this problem.

To heal injured joints, people has been using Comfrey for centuries, both internally and externally, it is also excellent for healing bone. These are some benefits of comfrey.

It prevents amoebic bacteria growth.

It promotes cell growth.

It contains a high amount of trace minerals such as iron, phosphorus, potassium and calcium, as well as Vitamin A and C.

It helps to heal ulcers, open sores, wounds, burns, gangrene and it can even help weld tissues, especially helpful we have stitches.

Because it can help tissue regeneration, you can use it to improve your injured joints. You can make comfrey decoction in a large bucket to soak your painful wrist and ankle. For knee joint and hip injury, comfrey decoction is more suitable.

Unfortunately, in many parts of the world, comfrey is banned, so these are some substitutes that can help your joints.

Chondritin and glucosamine sulfite can be used separately or both together to help painful joints.

Vitamin D, magnesium and calcium supplements.

Yucca or cat’s claw can help to heal any inflammation.

Eliminating inflammation can usually alleviate your pain, but is pain persists, use white willow barks rather than aspirin.

A combination of rehmannia, plantain, mullein and yarrow can support your structural system.

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