Kite Festivals

Introduction to Kite Festivals

Mankind usually celebrates the things he loves or is fond of doing through festivals. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that the kite, a well-favored toy all over the globe, is celebrated in numerous kite festivals around the world. Read on to know more about kite celebrations; who knows, a kite festival may be celebrated near your place and you can join the fun!

Events during Kite Festivals

Kite flying

Of course, kite flying will not be absent in any kite festival. Some festivals invite a lot of people to join in a massive kite flying event, although there are festivals such as the one celebrated in Clarkfield, Philippines which invites expert kite flyers from all over the world to do some magnificent kite stunts with their stunning kites.

Kite decoration

Another common contest celebrated in kite festivals is the decoration of blank kites. The audience usually casts a vote once the decorated kites are airborne.

Kite races

Some festivals in Asia such as those in Malaysia and Singapore include kite races; the contest is about how high your kite you can go without getting tangled with other kite lines. Of course, that’s the easy part. The challenge is to dodge thousands of kite lines in this kite festival frenzy!

Celebrations in Asia

Asia is probably the continent with the largest number of kite festivals and other kite-related celebrations. Of course, can you blame the birthplace of this famous toy for commemorating it once too often? A must see is the Yokkaichi Giant Kite Festival in Higashiomi, Shiga, Japan. Watch mammoth kites as they soar up the sky in multitudes. Also, you don’t want to miss the numerous “patang” (kite) festivals held in India. Thousands of small, but multi-colored kites decorate the sky during these festive events.

Celebrations in Europe

Although Europe might be a little late when it comes to being acquainted with kite technology (Asian countries started using the kite 3000 years ago, but Europe only made use of it during the 16th century), there are a lot of kite festivals in Europe that are organized by kite enthusiasts. The Bristol International Kite Festival is a large kite event that is flocked by participants from all over the globe. The Weymouth and Barmouth Kite Festivals are also some of the other kite celebrations in Europe. France, Spain, Italy, and Germany hold numerous local kite celebrations every year, so you don’t have to fly to the U. K. if you want to join a kite festival.

Celebrations in Oceania

The states in Oceania are the luckiest when it comes to their kite celebrations. The steady blowing wind from the Pacific can keep any kite airborne for long periods of time. That is the likely reason why Australia is one of the most visited countries because of its numerous successful kite festivals. A few examples of these festivals are the Sydney and Perth Kite Festivals. New Zealand also has a few kite festivals, but these celebrations require participants to use locally-made kites.

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