Langkawi, Malaysia Travel Guide


Located on the west coast of Malaysia, Langkawi is an archipelago consisting of 99 islands. This group of islands is inhabited by the Malay people, the Chinese, the Indians and the Thai. As incredible as it may seem, only four islands of the archipelago are inhabited, one of which is Pulau Langkawi, with the population of approximately 65,000 people. Langkawi is a tropical island and it is no wonder that so many people choose this island for their holiday destination, considering its beautiful beaches and warm weather. One of the things people should pay attention to is that visiting Langkawi might not be affordable to everyone, as the prices are very steep.


The word Langkawi consists of two words which mean eagle and reddish or brown. This is why the symbol of this archipelago is a brown eagle.

The best way of getting around Langkawi is on foot, as the bus service is not at all efficient.

Langkawi’s official currency is ringgit, and there are a lot of banks and exchange offices where people can exchange their money.

The water in Langkawi is good for drinking, although many visitors choose to buy bottled water.

History and Culture

Langkawi’s history and culture are mostly based on legends and myths, which tourists find very interesting. One of the most popular legends is the one about a maiden named Mashuri, who was accused of adultery although she was innocent. She was executed, which according to the legend lead to Langkawi being cursed for the following seven generations. Another interesting legend is about Gunung Raya, which is the tallest mountain in Langkawi reaching 880 meters in height. It is believed that the mountain is a cursed giant named Mat Raya, who one ruled the island.

Things to See and Do

Beaches – this is one of the main reasons why so many people visit Langkawi. The most popular among a lot of beaches is Pantai Cenang.

Temurun Waterfall – this waterfall is one of the most amazing attractions of Malaysia, and the best time to visit it is sometime between June and December, when it rains the most in Langkawi.

Underwater World Langkawi – This is one of the biggest aquaria in Asia, with both freshwater and marine fish. The most interesting thing about this place is a walk-through tunnel surrounded by six million liters of water.


Langkawi is not as famous for its nightlife as some other places in Malaysia. However, there are a number of different places where people can enjoy a night out, such as TV bars and bars on the beaches. These bars are the perfect place to have a drink and enjoy the peace and quiet of the nearby sea during the warm nights. For Bob Marley fans and reggae fans in general, there is a lovely place called Reggae Bar. Here, the atmosphere is easy going and beer served in bottles without a glass is very cheap.

Eating and Drinking

Langkawi offers a lot of places for eating out. One of the most interesting places is the Pasar Malam market, which changes its location every day. One day it is in one town, the next it moves to another town and it offers all sorts of different dishes and drinks, as well as clothing and footwear. In addition to this, the prices are really low. Another great place to eat out is Rasa Restaurant, where people can enjoy Malay music and delicious seafood. The most popular dishes are fried crabs and lobster in garlic, while the prices are reasonable.

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