Redang, Malaysia Travel Guide


Redang is a beautiful island and is one of the biggest and most popular islands on the east coast of Malaysia. It is the biggest of nine islands in the Redang archipelago. With dreamy sandy beaches and temperatures that are constantly around 30°C, it is a real paradise for people who enjoy peace, quiet and sun bathing. Redang is also famous for its fantastic underwater world and it is one of the favorite snorkeling and scuba diving sites in Malaysia.


The best time to visit this island is between March and November, because winters in Redang are known to be monsoon seasons and most resorts close.

There is nothing to be afraid of in Redang except the sun, so when enjoying its beautiful beaches be sure to wear sun cream and swimwear, because sunbathing topless is not allowed.

There is no public transport on Redang Island and it is recommended to navigate the island on foot, in order to get to know it first hand and experience the amazing nature and wildlife.

Redang is the best place for people who want to spend their holiday on the beaches enjoying the clear and beautiful sea. It is not the best choice for partying or enjoying classy restaurants.

History and Culture of Redang

Redang Island was first established by settlers who are believed to have been the Bugis from Celebes, Indonesia. Later on, it was best known for being a fisherman village and there lived about 250 fisherman families. In the late 1980’s, the first resorts came to being and in 1991, Redang was declared a Malaysian marine park. Ever since then, Redang has been most famous for its clear water and snorkeling and scuba diving sites.

Things to See and Do in Redang

Redang is an island full of interesting things to see and do for people who enjoy real nature:

Snorkeling and scuba diving – although snorkeling is a little more popular on this island, there are also a lot of scuba diving activities and opportunities.

Enjoying beaches – many people claim that Redang beaches are the most beautiful beaches in Malaysia, and everyone who has a chance should visit Redang and enjoy the famous beaches.

Historic shipwrecks – HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse are two shipwrecks dating from the beginning of the WWII. They are definitely something that no visitor to Redang should miss out on.

Wildlife – although not exactly bustling, the wildlife of Redang is interesting enough, and visitors to Redang will have the opportunity to meet some of the most inquisitive monkeys in the world. Sea turtles are also a common occurrence.


The nightlife in Redang is not one of its best features, as the island is best known for day time activities such as snorkeling or enjoying the beaches. One of the most popular things to do during the night is to visit one of many karaoke bars, where Chinese tourists have the best time of all.

Eating and Drinking

Restaurants are not very common in Redang, as they can easily be found only in resorts. These restaurants serve mostly international food and some local food, too. There are a couple of restaurants, but people should be aware that alcohol will not be cheap at all and if they want to drink alcohol, it is best to buy it in some of the convenience stores.

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