Types of Kites

Introduction to Types of Kites

Kites are an ever-fascinating toy for children, but did you know that even adults find lots of enjoyment by making kite-flying a hobby? A newbie kite flyer might be more concerned with making the kite and finding the means to fly it, but the professional kite-flyer is preoccupied with the more technical aspects of kite flying. Of course, any kite flyer should know about the different types of kites. You have the standard flat kite, eddy kite, box kite, delta kite, and bow kite. However, did you know that there are more advanced types of kites categorized according to purpose? Here are a few types of kites you should acquaint yourself with to become a professional kite flyer.

For Play

Most people are familiar with the standard-type kites made of light materials such as polyester. These kites are made of basic materials such as a plastic frame, polyester fabric, and a sturdy nylon kite line. These types of kites are cheap and are expected to last for only a short time. You have the option to buy kites with blank polyester fabrics so you and your children or friends can personalize the kite with your own designs. Of course, you will also find an abundance of beautifully decorated kites if you prefer to merely enjoy the kite and not to make it or personalize its designs. Such types of kites are the polystyrene kites, paper kites, and transparent kites.

For Sport

Kites made for sports are more expensive and difficult to produce. Sport kites are recommended to be bought rather than made, as kite flying as a sport often entails a certain amount of risk to the kite flyer. In the case of man-lifting kites, it is expected that the kite is sturdy enough and well-made to support the weight of the person it will carry. Stunt kites, waters, kites, and kytoons all need to qualify a certain standard before they can be considered safe for sports use. If you know what is best for you, better buy your sports kites rather than make them.

For Research

Kites for research and sports have a thin line of distinction. Some sports kites are used in research and vice-versa. Therefore, the kite types included in this category are not surprisingly used in sports activities as well. Take, for instance, the fighter kite. Extreme sports enthusiasts might find fighter kites enjoyable to navigate, while a few researchers would be very interested to study it in aerodynamic experiments. Inflatable single-line kites and Rogallo parawing kites are also worthy to be observed in astronomical, meteorological, and aerodynamic research. Hybrid and multi-purpose kites can also be designed in researches that would later on be manufactured as sports kites.

Whatever type of kite you prefer to fly, it is important to remember that certain kites can be made at home while some should be bought. Certain standards need to be followed in order to ensure the safety of the kite flyer. Study these different kite types; from there, you will find the right type of kite that would suit your needs and preferences.

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