Upper Lip Twitching – Causes and Treatment

The causes, symptoms, of Lip Twitching and how to cure it

Lip twitching is a common phenomenon among the young-stars and while some do it because it gives them a gangster kind of look, there are people who have no choice in the matter, they do it because of medical dysfunction. Lip twitching is basically the involuntary contraction of the upper lips which is caused by many factors. Lip twitching is also renowned as lip fasciculations. It occurs due to the anomalous and irregular contractions of muscle fibers surrounding the upper lips.

The lip twitching can occur due to,

  • Irritation
  • Emotional factors
  • Stimulation of the nerve
  • Neurodegenerative conditions
  • Mental trauma

There can be many other factors involve in the lip twitching problem, if you can detect this syndrome in you, the best thing would be to consult a doctor immediately. There is no reason to see these symptoms as minor, often time people suffer more from Lip twitching because they have a tendency to dodge the problem as it seems minor to them. As the Lip twitching does not affect anything, it does not come in the way of your work, so dodging it seems easier. Professionals always advise to consult the problem as early as possible to avoid inconveniences later on.

What are the Causes of Lip Twitching

There are several reasons for a lip twitching problem to occur. Below is a brief list of the problems.

Emotional Triggers

Autonomic nervous system sends nerve stimulation to lips which actually assigned to control emotions, facial expressions, and behavioral responses. Autonomic nervous system does this with the assistance of sympathetic nervous system. Often time lip twitching occurs from an unexpected or sudden emotion. If the dose of the unexpected emotion is too several, then extremities care take place. If a lip twitching has been triggers by an emotion cause, then it is very much detectable by examining signs of adrenergic stimulations. These stimulations are dilation of pupils, flushing of face, watering of the eyes and inability to speak in a proper manner. Sometimes it even results in non coherent speech.

Withdrawal from Substances

Sometimes lip twitching can occur from consuming unauthorized drugs. This would not take place unless you do an overdose of it. Certainly if someone is doing drugs, they cannot help but go overboard with that habit. The lip twitching happens during the withdrawal stage of the addictive substance. Only excessive consummation would result in lip twitching. These abusive drugs include heroin, cocaine, amphetamines, and many more illicit drugs. There are other stimulants that cause lip twitching. Beverages that are high in caffeine like alcohol, coffee, soda drinks, or similar neuro stimulants are also a reason your lip can twitch. Excessive consummation of cigarettes also results in lip twitching. All of these things can cause the contraction of the oral cavity.

Bell’s Palsy

Bell’s palsy means an irritation of the facial nerve. It is a transient condition and can be detected very easily. It affects only one side of your face. It resembles cold sores or genital herpes. During Bell’s Palsy, you suffer from swelling of the face. Sometimes you suffer from dropping of the eye lids. And of course lip twitching is the most acute case in Bell’s Palsy. During this syndrome, people also suffer muscular weakness. Due to the muscular weakness people find it difficult to talk, to close eye lids and even to purse the lips.

Parkinson’s Disease

When the dopamine secreting cells of substantia niagra of the brain degenerates the Parkinson’s disease takes place. In this disease lip twitching takes place. People also suffer from shaking of extremities like hands shaking. Some even suffer from slurred speech. All the signs and symptoms that results from neuro degeneration is seen in Parkinson’s disease. If you are able to replace the dopamine in the brain, then the disease can be cured.

Essential Tremors

Essential tremor happens when involuntary muscle contraction takes place due to neurological dysfunction. This syndrome is seen in people above 40 years. The symptoms grow worse as they age with time.

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis occurs from a very progressive neurodegenerative condition. In this syndrome the nerves and the muscles of the face becomes weak. The very primary symptom is lip twitching, particular the upper lip twitching. Sometimes it even results in paralysis. Usually this syndrome is genetic.

Symptoms of Lips Twitching

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out or detect the symptoms of lip twitching. It is very much visible and detectable. Lip twitching can be felt right from the moment it starts, there is no hidden symptom. Initially you would feel alight tremors on your lips. The light tremors can radiate all over the face as well. The lip twitching and the lip spasms can take place quite frequently. It may occur 3 times in 10 minutes. Sometimes a tingling numbness can be felt. Sometime a frozen kind of feeling onto the lip can be felt. Sometimes people feel mild palpitation into their upper lips.

Natural Ways to Stop Twitching of Lips

Upper lip twitching problem is usually dodged by everyone at the beginning. People find it easier to deal with a gout problem immediately but not a lip twitching problem. But fact of the matter is, dealing with lip twitching right away helps the patient to recover quicker. The sooner you diagnose the problem the sooner it is likely to be cured. Not everyone’s lip twitching would be same, each patient may have a different level of lip twitching problem and their causes may be different, hence the treatment too should be different.

Following are few natural treatments to prevent lip twitching:

  • Stay away from alcoholic drinks and beverages that are high in caffeine.
  • If you are suffering from a minor case of lip twitching, then adding wet warm cloth you’re your upper lip helps the problem primarily
  • Adopt new stress busting techniques
  • Try out yoga, Tai chi, Pilates etc.
  • Eat healthy, balance food
  • If you are suffering from thyroid problems and Parkinson’s diseases, treat them immediately by professional, as lip twitching is a common side effect of those diseases

Treatments for Lip Twitching

First you must investigate what type of lip twitching you are suffering from. If it is mild, then get rid of any caffeine beverages. Get rid of any drugs that you may be taking in excess. If the twitching is severe, periodic assistance is necessary right away.

  • Go for psychotherapy
  • Have controlled intake of caffeine
  • If you have hypocalcemia, consume Calcium supplements

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