how to accept your anxiety disorder

How to Accept Your Anxiety Peacefully?

March 22, 2011 admin 0

It’s in the middle of the night and you car is stuck on a slippery, muddy road. You gun the accelerator aggressively, the wheels spin harder, but the ruts get deeper. It is analogous to anxiety, the harder we want to break free, the grip seems to get tighter.

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Dealing With Separation Anxiety on Children

March 20, 2011 0

It’s normal for children to have a little bumpy ride during their development journey; other than, health problems like fevers, they may also experience some psychological development issues. Your child’s consternation may induce some rough nights and it can be tough for parents to deal with it.

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Three Types of Medications Used to Treat PTSD

February 12, 2011 0

When it comes to prescribing a medication, your doctor has quite a selection to choose from. Here’s a quick look at the primary medications commonly used to treat the symptoms of PTSD.